As you may be aware, moving house is a major undertaking that takes a great deal of expertise and know-how to ensure that everything goes smoothly and properly. But how do you pick the best moving company in Dubai for your relocation needs when there are so many to select from? We would say that 100 percent of them constantly promise, the 100 percent satisfaction guarantee the cheapest rates, the greatest employees, the best customer service, the best of the best, so to speak, but many of them, in reality, just lack the needed know-how and don’t know how to correctly pack your stuff. Or they just lack the necessary vehicles and personnel. So, here’s one of our newest posts on eight crucial questions to ask a moving firm before hiring them. Here are Best Moving Tips 2022.

Question 1: Is it a moving company? Or is it simply a middleman?

If you’re considering a move in the future weeks, you’ve undoubtedly heard about it and may have even searched it. But there’s a good explanation behind it. And this is the true meaning of a moving business and broker. A moving business is a firm that accepts your money and provides you with a service. They own all of the trucks, as well as all of their employees, and they come in to provide service. The broker is only a go-between. Someone who accepts your order and sells it to a moving firm about which you have no knowledge or information, yet those brokers truly guarantee you that everything will go well. Then they sell your job to another moving company and don’t give a damn about it. For a stress-free relocation, it is advised that you hire experienced movers and packers. Best Moving Tips 2022 can help you make better decision.

Question 2: Is this a licensed moving company.

Is the moving business you’re enquiring about licensed to load and unload your belongings? Almost all moving firms on the market, if they’re advertising their services to you on the internet, Google, Dubizzle, or in your local newspaper, typically have a license. However, eservices.dubaided.gov.ae is a specific website to look out if you want to be sure. You’ll be able to enter that license number to see if your firm is registered and if it has a license.

Question 3: How much liability insurance they can offer?

Make sure to ask them that question, whether over the phone or in person, when they come over to look over your items and provide you with a quote for the services. All professional moving firms should, in most cases, have an obligation to restore items if they are damaged. If any of your possessions are significantly more valuable than that and you’d like to provide them some extra security. Every reputable moving company should offer you the option of purchasing additional third-party insurance. Make sure you ask them that when you’re speaking with them in person or on the phone. They’ll also save money on relocating costs.

Question 4: What kind of deposits does your company take?

And what is their policy on refunds? When ordering your move with a moving company, especially if it’s over the phone, be very careful and attentive. Typically, a security deposit of more than 20% of the entire fee was never required by traditional professional moving businesses. And that deposit may be greater than or equal to 50%. Make sure you’re working with a broker and not a middleman. A competent moving company will want a security deposit of 10 to 20% of the total cost. And if you choose to modify your date or cancel your move 48 hours ahead of time, we’ll gladly reimburse your money.

Question 5: During the busy season, do they have movers and workforce? 

If you’re intending to relocate between the months of April and November, you’ll be moving during peak season. Check with your moving firm to see whether they have adequate staff. Typically, during peak season, when they are short-staffed. For certain of their requirements, they would engage temporary workers. Obviously, you don’t want inexperienced individuals handling your valuables. So that is a crucial and critical question.

Question 6: Whether or not storage facilities are available.

If you’re not ready to move into your new home yet, your moving company, if it’s a professional one, usually has its own storage facility where you can store your belongings for a period of time. If you’re not ready to move into your new home yet, professional companies will usually give you a free first or second month of storage. However, this varies every moving company; just make sure they have that choice and capability. Even if they employ a third-party storage facility, they’ll make sure to let you know who it is and how it will be kept.

Question 7: What will the total cost of the relocation service be?

Professional moving firms often provide you with a preliminary estimate first, then cross-check all of your items and provide you with a final pricing. Make sure you double, triple, and quadruple check with them to ensure that there are no hidden expenses in this estimate. If you’re not transferring anything else, the pricing will remain the same. The disparity between the estimate and the ultimate cost of the net has been the largest concern with relocation over the past 20 years. That is the month’s major issue. So, one of the things you should inquire about with your moving company is how much it will cost.

Question 8: How Will They Prevent Damage?

Last but not least, please inquire as to how your moving business intends to avoid damage to your belongings, as a responsible and competent moving company should be able to demonstrate their impact ability by clean paperwork and great personnel. As well as strategies that they may discuss to you on how they will properly and securely pack your stuff.

If there is any indication that the company representative who is speaking with you has no knowledge of how to pack the items, my professional expert advice is to move on to a different one. Finally, I’d want to wish you the best of luck. Make sure you use a reputable moving company. Just don’t forget to ask them those questions.

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